Is Brookside dark chocolate vegan

Is Brookside dark chocolate vegan?

For over 50 years, Brookside chocolate has been a trusted name for chocolate enthusiasts. Their dark chocolates come in different and unique flavors.

These flavors include Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry Candy, Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Flavor Candy, and Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji and Raspberry flavors. 

These flavors are definitely one of a kind. But unfortunately, these chocolates contain milk which makes them not vegan.

Does Brookside chocolate have dairy?

Brookside chocolate is one of the most popular dark chocolate brands out there due to its unique take on adding different flavors with dark chocolate.

It has reinvented the dark chocolate experience by adding acai and blueberry, pomegranate, goji, and raspberry flavors. While these chocolates are an absolute delight to enjoy, there is bad news.

Brookside chocolate contains dairy. So, if you are a vegan or lactose intolerant, Brookside Chocolate is not the best option for you.

Is Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate vegan?

When we think of dark chocolate, we usually think about a bitter taste. On the other hand, pomegranate is a fruit that we do not usually associate with chocolates.

But if you have ever wondered how would pomegranate taste with chocolate, you are not the first one.

Brookside Dark Chocolate has already launched a variant of dark chocolate mixed with the taste of pomegranate.

But unfortunately, it contains dairy which is not vegan. So for vegans, it is best to avoid this flavor.

Is Brookside dark chocolate acai with blueberry vegan?

Perhaps the most popular Brookside dark chocolate variation is the Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry. Acai is a grape-like palm that has highly risen in popularity in the 21st century.

Acai mixed with blueberry gives off a unique taste. And the taste gets a lot better when you add the rich texture of dark chocolate with it.

But unfortunately, like most other brookside dark chocolates, Brookside Dark Chocolate with Acai and Blueberry also contains dairy. So it is not vegan.

Which ice creams are Halal?

It is hard to find anyone who does not love ice cream. You can never put an age limit for ice cream lovers. But there are a lot of companies that use alcohol and gelatin in their ice cream.

So it is important to know which brands have halal-certified ice creams. All-Star, Borden, Country Goodness, Country Maid, Cyrk, Drigg’s Farms, Edy’s, Funtime, House of Flavors, Kemps, Lady Borden, Priscilia Gold Seal, Rosati, and Turkey Hill are some of the well-known ice cream brands that offer a wide range of halal-certified ice cream.

But the best course of action is to always check the tub for halal certification.

Does Ben and Jerry’s have gelatin?

In the world of ice cream and desserts, Ben and Jerry’s is a must-have name. They offer ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet in a wide range of flavors. These are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially ice cream enthusiasts.

But many vegetarians struggle with choosing their ice cream brand as a lot of them contain gelatin. Well, the good news is none of Ben and Jerry’s items use meat products- including gelatin, not even the Phish Food Marshmallow Swirl.

So if you want some 100% gelatin-free ice cream or desserts, you can always trust Ben and Jerry’s.

Is Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie halal?

If you are an ice cream or dessert enthusiast, the odds are very high that you have heard the name Ben and Jerry’s at least a couple of times. Ben and Jerry’s is an American company known for its ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

Their chocolate fudge brownie is officially named “Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies.” The fudge brownie actually comes from New York’s Greyston Bakery.

All the ingredients used in the chocolate fudge brownie are halal certified. But as some of Ben and Jerry’s products are made with alcohol, there are chances of cross-contamination. So if it makes you skeptical, you can put a pass on it.

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