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Chocolate Kosher: Do Any Brands Make Kosher Chocolates?

Chocolate is kosher or not? Kosher food means those foods which are permitted to eat by Jewish dietary law.

Kosher means fit, correct or proper, it comes from Hebrew words. This is a religious matter where God allows you to eat food that really fits you according to God’s law.

Now the question is about our favorite food chocolate. Is chocolate kosher? If it is kosher then how? The answer is a little bit conflicting. In a general sense the answer to the question is “Yes”, chocolate is kosher food. Except for some exceptional chocolate brands, we can consider chocolate as kosher food.

What is kosher chocolate?

Kosher chocolates are certified chocolates that means the chocolate is allowed to eat according to the Jewish dietary laws.

There are many things that are related to the matter of kosher chocolate. Many factors collectively prove that the chocolate is kosher or not.

Sometimes the manufacturing company uses a substitute of cocoa to make chocolate which is not kosher. Because of saving money, they avoid valuable ingredients and use cheap materials during production.

Best companies are careful about the manufacturing process, they always observe the quality and produce the best kosher chocolate where every ingredients and material are kosher.      

Kosher symbol and certification

Many foods are kosher but do not have the symbol of kosher on them it which means no certification of kosher. As a result, those foods are not taken by many people.

So, the certification of kosher is very much important. Many people notice the kosher symbol before buying food. There are many kosher symbols that mean different many understanding definitions of the type of kosher. Kosher symbols on the food packet prove that the food is kosher.

chocolate kosher
kosher food icon set

Chocolate contains a specific type of kosher symbol on it, which proves that the chocolate is kosher. So, if we want to ensure about the chocolate we want to eat, then we should look carefully before buying and eating chocolate.

There is a kosher certification company, they provide the symbol and certification. The symbol used to certify kosher chocolate is “kosher D” or “K” or “OU” or “OU-D”. Actually, the U is within a circle and D on its next.

Why chocolate is kosher?

Maximum chocolate is kosher because the main ingredient of the chocolate is a cocoa bean which comes from the cocoa tree. So, cocoa bean is kosher, if there is no infection of insects.

Now the next question is what about the other ingredients? Other ingredients like milk, sugar and various kinds of interesting flavors of chocolate are also permitted to eat as kosher.

Dark chocolate is considered kosher perfectly. Because it only contains cocoa beans, vanilla beans, and sugar. So, we can now give the statement directly that the chocolate is kosher.

But, the manufacturer company should be very careful during chocolate production. If anyone wants to add bad oil or extra ingredients which are not kosher, then it will be very bad and unfair. This is the responsibility that a company manager should take care of.

Is Lindt chocolate kosher?

In 1845, Lindt was found as a Swiss chocolatier. It is a confectionery company, Famous for its chocolate truffles and bars. Now it has 12 factories all over the world and become more famous. Lindt has started more than 410 chocolate cafes and chocolate shops all over the world.

The main product of Lindt is Lindor which is a bar, introduced in 1949 and later in the year 1967, the form of the chocolate known as chocolate truffles with its different shapes and interesting color.  

chocolate kosher
Lindi Lindo chocolate kosher

Lindt chocolate is kosher. Though it depends on the region sometimes, we can say that the Lindt chocolates are definitely kosher.

USA INDOR of Lindt is certified kosher chocolate. All the ingredients like milk, dark chocolate, peanut, and many more are kosher and the packet contains the kosher symbol also.

They approved all dairy as kosher too. Many publishers said that the Lindt chocolates are kosher everywhere but all the packets are not containing the kosher symbol. This problem will be solved very soon and all Lindt chocolates will contain the kosher symbol.    

Is Godiva chocolate kosher?

Godiva is a very well-known and famous brand within the chocolate world. It was first created in 1926, introduced by a Belgian company. More than 100 countries are now having their outlets. The strategy and sales are growing up very fast and they will be more famous all over the world. 

Godiva Chocolate Kosher

The Godiva Company claims that the chocolates they are producing are halal and kosher too. The ingredients and other chemicals they used, all are kosher.

Their kosher products are containing the “OU-D symbol”, as a result, it is so easy for the consumer to identify the kosher chocolate of Godiva. 

Is Hershey chocolate kosher?

Hershey chocolate is one of the best in the world. It is made of cocoa beans and sugar, add milk and cocoa butter. It is the largest chocolate manufacturer company in America. The special dark chocolate of Hershey is so famous among all.

Hershey selects the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation (OU) who certifies the products of Hershey as kosher. They declared that all of the Hershey products are kosher by OU and carry the symbol of OU that defines the product as kosher.

So, the Hershey chocolates are definitely kosher. Some people arise a question about the special dark chocolate of Hershey, they claim that the special dark is not fully kosher. But if the cocoa powder is not containing any additives, then it is kosher without any doubt.

Is Ghirardelli chocolate kosher?

Domenico Ghirardelli was the founder of Ghirardelli chocolate company in San Francisco, California. He was a famous chocolatier from Italy. This is the third oldest company in the US, incorporated in 1852.

This company is popular for producing the best chocolates with fresh ingredients. That means after rejecting many cocoa seeds, they select only the best quality for production. Ghirardelli produces various kinds of chocolates with different flavors. 

Domenico Ghirardelli Chocolate Kosher

Ghirardelli is famous for its Ghirardelli chocolate SQUARES gift box. This company’s packaging is so awesome. The Ghirardelli chocolate SQUARES gift box is used to provide to family and friends during all festivals.

It is wrapped beautifully and best to have after post-dinner treats in all kinds of people. This is totally kosher. It is said Ghirardelli kosher chocolate SQUARES. So, there is no doubt about it.

This gift box contains different flavors of chocolates in different colors of the packet. Some people think that Ghirardelli uses gelatin in its products. But it’s wrong, they are no longer using it in their product.

Is Dove chocolate kosher?

Dove is American chocolate, Manufactured by the best confectionery company Mars. It is sold as Galaxy in India, Ireland, and the UK. Dove chocolates have many variations in flavors and sizes.

This is famous for the Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate candies. The beautiful packages come individually with beautiful messages. Dove hot chocolate is also well-known for its awesome taste.

Dove chocolate company promises that all flavors of Dove chocolates especially Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate candies are kosher. They are produced so carefully with the good observation of the manager.

Manufacture Company ensures about the quality of the ingredient of Dove chocolate. They also promise that the all products of the Dove chocolate company are kosher.

Is all chocolate kosher?

We know that the main ingredient of chocolate is a cocoa bean which is kosher. If we think about the origin and the ingredients of chocolate then we have to consider all chocolate as kosher.

But some chocolates add extra unhealthy chemicals and products to increase the taste of the chocolate, then it will be no longer kosher.

So, if we want to consume products without confusion, then we have to be careful about the certification of kosher that means the kosher symbol must be on the chocolate packet somewhere.

Dark chocolates are always considered kosher because the ingredients of dark chocolates are few- Cocoa beans, vanilla beans, and sugar. These three ingredients are totally kosher.

That is why in the term of dark chocolate, there is no confusion. Others chocolates with the kosher symbol are also undoubtedly free to eat as kosher.


From the above article, we can have a clear idea about kosher, kosher chocolates in detail. Now the term kosher is no more an unknown matter to you and you can easily recognize the kosher chocolates by the symbol on the chocolate packet.

We also can suggest to people kosher chocolates. Different famous chocolate brands are using the kosher symbol in their packet to keep people free from confusion.

Because confused people want to be sure about the chocolate before buying it. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the chocolate company to convey a clear idea about their chocolate.

They should assure the consumer that their chocolates are kosher and anyone can have them without any doubt.

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