What happens if you eat expired chocolate

What happens if you eat expired chocolate?

Chocolate is the most favorite and delicious food of all ages of people in our society but the common question is what happens if you eat expired chocolate?

Actually, the expiration date of chocolate is limited, sometimes it is the ‘best before use’ date. But we don’t need to worry about all these dates, because a bar of chocolate lasts for a long time.

Even after the expiration date, the chocolate can be good as well as before. The matter expiration of chocolate depends on the type of chocolate and the storage process of the chocolate. Eating expired chocolate is not a big issue and problem.

When the quality of chocolate degrades, you will automatically realize it by eating a little portion of it. An expired chocolate taste is not like the original, so you should better not eat the whole part of the chocolate.

If you accidentally eat the expired chocolate, then you need not be afraid of this, it will not do that much harm to be worried. And the harm mostly depends on the ingredients of the chocolate.

Dark chocolate never gets expired, it is always safe to eat. Let’s discuss the expired chocolate, the chocolate’s life shelf, the chocolate storing process and the best-before date, and much more matter related to chocolate in detail.

The use of expired chocolate

If you have just eaten a little portion of the chocolate and realize that the chocolate is expired, then do not eat the whole part, use it for another purpose.

Chocolate is the best ingredient for the decoration of cake and other baking items. You can melt it by heating process and then you can use it as liquid chocolate to make chocolate milkshakes and many more chocolate drinks.

You can use chocolate to make cookies and biscuits also. Liquid chocolate is a good thing to be added with the bread to have it as breakfast.   

The actual life span of a chocolate

Many of us want to know the actual life span of chocolate that means how long a bar of chocolate lasts. It depends on the type of ingredients of the chocolate.

Dark chocolate lasts a long life because it never uses any dairy product as an ingredient during manufacture. Suppose a bar of chocolate is unopened for 2 years, then it is totally safe to eat and remains unchanged only if it is stored properly.

An opened bar of chocolate can last 1 year easily. Milk chocolate uses cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and many additional ingredients during manufacture.

The milk chocolate and white chocolate last 1 year while it is unopened. An opened milk chocolate lasts 7-8 months if it is stored in a proper way. The longest time of a chocolate life span is 6-7 years.

How to store chocolate properly?

The proper way of storing chocolate is an important matter to know. You should store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. It should be kept out of sunlight. Direct sunlight and heat reduce the lifetime of chocolate.

Chocolate can be wrapped or kept in an air-tight place for long-lasting. Freezing is another way to span the life so long of chocolate. It extends the time 1 year more than the normal life span of chocolate.

Frozen chocolate lasts forever and is completely safe to eat, it also preserves the taste perfectly of the original chocolate.   

How to identify bad chocolate

If you feel the taste of your favorite chocolate is different from the usual taste, then it started to waste a little bit.

Expired Chocolate, Source science.org

The actual flavor will be changed slightly. The waxy taste will be there and the fresh, creamy taste will be gone. The original smell will not be there.

When all these phenomena occur, then you can tell that chocolate bad chocolate. Then you should not eat it, rather use it for different purposes. 

The possible effects after eating expired chocolate

If the chocolate is kept in the freeze at 0 degrees Celsius, then it is ok to eat that after the expiry date. If it is dark chocolate, then it is also ok to eat that too as expired chocolate. But if it is milk chocolate, they should be careful about the expiry of the chocolate. 

A little portion of chocolate does not do any harm to your health. Remember that expired chocolates are not poisonous. It is not harmful at all. But, expired chocolate is not good to eat. It can ruin your tongue taste and mood.

The worst case of eating extremely expired chocolate is to upset the stomach. Sufferings of one maximum, nothing else.

The suffering is for the other ingredients of the chocolate, not for the chocolate itself. If you think of dark chocolate, it has no extra ingredients that are why it has no expiry date if it is stored properly and it is safe to eat always.

Should I eat chocolate after the best-before date?

Many chocolates have the best-before date on their packets. This date is nothing but declaring that it is best to eat the chocolate before the best-before date.

The manufacturing company assures you the best quality before the best-before date. That does not mean that after the best-before date the chocolate should not be consumed.

It is ok to eat chocolates after best–before date. If you store the chocolate properly, you can eat the chocolate after that day, even it lasts for long after the best-before day and is safe to eat.


From the above discussion, you have already gathered so much knowledge about the expiry date, best-before date, chocolate storage technique, and many more things related to expired chocolate.

The summary of the article is if a bar of chocolate is good in smell and taste, then it is completely safe and ok to eat without any hesitation and fear. The chocolate’s shelf life depends on the type of chocolate and the way of storing it.

Various chocolates are available in the market and their ingredients are different from each other. The chocolate itself is always safe to eat and it has no expiry date like dark chocolate.

But chocolate needs an expiry date sometimes because of the ingredients which are not always last for long after manufacturing.

Processed sugar, milk, and artificial sweeteners are the common ingredients in most chocolates. These are not good for health and never last for so long. 

Will you get sick after eating expired chocolate? This question seems like so serious issue, but it has no value now in our life.

We already know that the worst case of eating expired chocolate is an upset stomach which causes suffering not more than one or two days. So, from now you should never be worried about the expiry date or the best-before date of any chocolate.

Until you get the taste and smell of your favorite chocolate, you better eat the chocolate without thinking anything.

In terms of dark chocolate, it is completely safe forever to eat. If we know how to store chocolate perfectly, then it is just a waste of time to think about the question, what happens if you eat expired chocolate?

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