Worms in Chocolate

Why are Worms in Chocolate? Things You Should Know About This Controversy

Ever heard of Chocolate with maggots or worms? It’s possible that your chocolate could have worms as well. In September 2018, a woman in Alabama found brown worm-like larvae in her chocolate and posted her horrifying discovery on Facebook. 

Researchers say this could be the larva of the African Chocolate Moth who eats the cocoa beans before they’re harvested and processed into chocolate bars.

Every year, food items from across the United States are sampled to make sure they meet the national safety standards. 

According to the National Confectioners Association, chocolate is usually checked for contaminants such as insect eggs or larvae as well as mold and yeast. 

Can chocolate have worms?

Many of us have had a chocolate bar or some chocolates from time to time. We have no reason to believe that there are worms in them, but there could be. 

In fact, some types of chocolate can contain live worms! That’s right – the sort of creatures that might be more at home in your backyard than your candy dish. Just like many other foods, chocolate can be contaminated with worms. 

These worms are not natural to the cocoa bean, but rather an accidental byproduct of harvesting your favorite finished product.

What kind of worms get into chocolate?

Cocoa beans are typically harvested from large trees where they’re eaten by insects. These bugs can then travel into the harvested beans and contaminate them with worms that lay eggs that end up in the chocolate we eventually consume. 

A maggot is the young stage of a fly and can be found in rotting meat. Consequently, you will not find them in chocolate, which is starchy and very sweet. What you may find are worms or larvae of moths and other insects.

Small insects commonly infest food while being stored in warehouses or transported in trucks. Worms are usually able to reach through to a packet through a small tear or rip as well. They are also known to chew their way in.

Chocolate makers including Mars, Nestle, and Hershey have begun moving to new bean cultivation methods in an attempt to combat the problem. 

What happens if you eat chocolate with worms?

Beloved by many, chocolate is a favorite treat for millions of people. From the flavors of dark and milk chocolate to mocha, cocoa, and peppermint bark, it has something for everyone. But what happens if you eat chocolate with worms?

For some people, the mere mention of chocolate makes them feel sick. But what if you eat it with some live worms? Studies have shown that some types of worms can help to give a person a better immune system and help them battle a deficiency of certain vitamins. 

The research has been quite thorough and found that these worms are not harmful to humans. In fact, they may even be beneficial in cases where a person is suffering from malnutrition. 

Many people are curious about eating chocolate with worms, even if they find the idea of eating bugs icky. You may not know that it’s actually totally safe to eat chocolate with worms! Eating chocolate with worms is harmless and doesn’t affect the taste.

The most common reason for somebody wanting to eat chocolate with worms is to see what it tastes like. But there are some other reasons too. For example, some people want to eat chocolate with worms as novelty food.

But there is something in it that might make you think twice about eating it. Chocolate contains a type of worm called the cacao worm. This worm lives inside the cocoa pod and isn’t visible when you eat it because it’s in little pieces. The good news is that this type of worm is harmless to humans, but the bad news is that these worms can cause stomach discomfort and vomiting if eaten in large amounts.

Are Holes in Chocolate Bars From Worms? 

It may be that worm larvae have found a way to enter into the wrapped chocolate you might currently eat, and you may see some potentially minor holes in the product. While these holes are typically harmless, I’m going to advise you to remain alert if you’re experiencing any type of symptoms very soon after you eat it.

Even though some of the maggots in chocolate can be readily seen, that doesn’t mean you need to be alarmed. Humans can ingest maggots without needing to face any negative effects on their health. However, there are times when complications can occur, so you need to be cautious.

In conclusion, worms and maggots larva infestation on chocolate is not a major health concern. Sometimes, they may cause minor health issues such as vomiting. But more often than not, they are completely harmless and it is okay to eat them.

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