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A Breakable Chocolate Heart: Tips for Making a One-of-a-Kind Gift

A breakable chocolate heart is a single-serving size of delicious, breakable chocolate that can be consumed in less than five minutes.

It’s an excellent alternative to the typical store-bought Valentine’s Day candy and it makes for a memorable gift.

You can customize your breakable chocolate hearts with any combination of different ingredients that you like!

This blog post will teach you how to make one yourself!

What is a breakable chocolate heart?

The breakable chocolate heart is a kind of edible chocolate specially made for gifts to our beloved ones.

Basically, a breakable chocolate heart is a chocolate container made of chocolates by mold. Inside this container, you can put many other little chocolates or any special gift like a ring, mobile or anything you wish.

Breakable Chocolate Heart
Breakable chocolate heart, Credit Desi Pardesi Youtube channel

Some people also included a mini hammer beside the chocolate heart which is pretty beautiful. This hammer is used to break the main chocolate heart to reveal the things inside it.

It is so yummy that you can enjoy it anytime anywhere without worrying too much about the calories.

Choosing the best Breakable chocolate heart mold

The first thing you need to make a breakable chocolate heart is the mold. There are different types of mold-like plastic mold, silicone mold, Stainless Steel mold. The best choice is silicon mold which can withstand high temperature and also you can bend it when you are going to release the heart shape.

Silicon mold has different shapes and sizes. You should choose the one that you like the most because it depends on your creativity what shape or design you will make.

As this article is about heart-shaped chocolate design, we will only discuss heart-shaped mold.

Basically, there are many types of silicon mold. All molds are the same just their designs are different.

Diamond shaped Heart Mold

It’s a very popular mold and it’s perfect for a valentine’s gift or marriage day gift. The surface of the heart is diamond-shaped instead of plane shape. 

Breakable Chocolate heart mold
Diamond-shaped Heart Mold

If you can make the surface of your chocolate shiny then output from this mold will be so eye-catching.

This shape is not good for adding extra elements to the top of it because of its diamond shape. 

Suppose you want to put some letter on top, you can’t do that because it will slide down.

Plane Shaped Heart Mold

This is an old model heart-shaped mold but still, it looks good and suitable for almost every gift. The difference with Diamond-shaped Heart Mold is that the plane-shaped heart mold surface is fully plane. 

Breakable Chocolate heart mold
Plane Shaped Heart Mold

There is no design on it. This type of mold is good if you want to put your own custom design on top of it. 

Like, If you make a flower or mini heart or any text then you can easily put those text on the shape because of its plain surface.

Rose top heart Mold

Chocolate made with this mold is so beautiful that you can’t remove your eyes from it. In this type of mold, there is a rose mold attached.

Breakable Chocolate heart mold
Rose top heart Mold

When you fill the mold with chocolate then it will fill the rose mold too. So you will get a breakable chocolate heart with a rose attached to it. 

There are some problems with this mold. You need to make a strong layer of chocolate to cover it. Otherwise, in the time of getting out the final output, it will break.

How to make a breakable chocolate heart With Mold?

Well, now let’s talk about how to make this heart-shaped treat.

First, you should prepare all the materials that are required to make a breakable chocolate heart.

The next thing is to make sure that there are no unwanted things near you. Things like a spoon, knife, food processor, etc. because if something falls or rolls on the floor then it may damage your heart shape without your knowledge. So try to keep everything clean and tidy. 

Breakable chocolate heart Ingredients

  1. Heart shaped mold.
  2. Any Chocolate.
  3. Food Color.
  4. Alcohol.

Step 1:

Now preheat the oven at 225 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

Melt chocolate in a microwave or oven and add butter to it while melting.

And finally, if you want to add some ingredients like fruits, nuts or other elements then do that now before pouring the melted chocolate into the mold.

Step 2:

Brush some Alcohol inside the mold. This will make the surface of the heart so shiny and beautiful.

Now pour melted chocolate into a silicone mold and let it cool down for 5-10 minutes so that everything settles in heart shape.

Step 3:

When the mixtures cool down you will see that it became hard. Again pour melted chocolate into the mold as a second layer. It will make the heart strong and it will not break while released. Put the mold in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and you will see it become so hard.

After that, you can release your delicious breakable chocolate hearts from the silicon mold. Your breakable chocolate heart is ready.

You can now splash some edible color on it so it will look beautiful or you can decorate it as per your wish or you can leave it as it is. Because it’s good too.

How to make a chocolate breakable heart with no mold?

Well, if you don’t have any molds then it will be a little difficult for you but not impossible. 

So stay tuned because I am about to share some recipes over here that are easy to make and don’t need any special silicon mold or anything else.

Step 1: Get your ingredients ready

You will need the following things along with the chocolate melt, butter, colors of your choice, some utensils like a spoon, knife, etc. And finally, some ice cream sticks or toothpicks. 

Now let’s talk about what you should do next. We are gonna prepare our own chocolate-shaped sheets which we can use later on as chocolate sheets to create chocolate shapes by sticking them with chocolate melt.

Steps for step 2:

First, take the baking paper Paper, and Paper towel and stack both of these papers together so you can use them as a mold or frame to make your own chocolate sheets. 

Then pour some melted chocolate over it and spread it with a spoon on top of the paper so its covers the whole surface of the paper. 

It will look like this now. And then just put that parchment into the freezer for about 10 minutes until everything settle down hard inside.

you will see that it is easy now to remove that parchment from the baking sheet just by pulling out it gently because now they are stuck together strongly.

what to put inside a breakable chocolate heart?

You can put anything inside your chocolate breakable heart. Like, Candy like a chocolate coin or candy bar. Any nuts like cashew nut, walnut, pecan, etc. Fruits like strawberry, blueberry, etc.

Edible flowers like rose petals or lavender flowers etc. You can also make your own edible flowers at home with butter icing. 

Anything you want to put in it. It’s totally up to you what type of things you want to add to these chocolates.

It looks beautiful either way whether it’s fruits, flowers, or any other stuff. You can also put a ring, mobile or any other gift inside it as a gift.

How to ship breakable chocolate hearts?

These are breakable so don’t forget to ship them carefully. So please keep in mind this should be taken care of when shipping these types of chocolates because they can break or spoil if not packed properly.

The main problem while shipping breakable chocolate hearts is, breakable chocolate hearts will melt if they’re inside a box. So please keep this in mind you have to make the box cold while shipping breakable chocolates.

To ship them you need some stuff like Paper airbags, Ice, and air bubble bags. Follow the steps for packaging

Take the box and inside of it put the air bubble bags. Then put the airbags. After that spread ice bags on the bottom and put your chocolate heart gift box.

Then again put some ice bags on top of the gift box and then put an air bubble bag on top of it.

Close the main container packet and fully wrap the package with an air bubble bag. So it will not damage the main gift box inside it. 

As the whole package is air-tight so the ice inside the ice bags will melt. In this way, you can ship the breakable chocolate heart to a long distance. It will say safe 8-9 hours.

Tips for Breakable chocolate heart

There are some problems using this type of Heart Shaped mold which I explained below: 

So my suggestion does not use any low-quality chocolate or butter because it can spoil your whole recipe and waste money. 

The good thing about these silicone molds is that they don’t get stuck into food when we keep them inside our mouths while eating chocolate breakable hearts.

Silicon has PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) which will not allow any other materials to stick inside it. 

So this is a good thing about silicon molds which you can use without any hesitation.

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